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Welcome to Go Quantum™ Fire – Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

If you are:

  • An NLP Master Practitioner in good standing OR
  • An NLP Trainer or Hypnosis Trainer in good standing
  • Have a high level of curiosity
  • Have a strong desire for transformation
  • Seeking to infuse your life with the Ancient Secrets
  • … then you may be ready for Go Quantum™

Go Quantum™ is:

  • A fun, wonder-filled and transformational program with access to Sacred Sites, and authentic Mystical experiences
  • How to experience Ancient Ceremonies on location in an authentic setting and the visceral transmutation that comes with that; you’ll know that you’ve shifted, immediately
  • An infusion of real-world, hands-on experiences that reinforces your academic learning: we go LIVE to the sacred locations every day to put classroom knowledge into practice immediately
  • Where you learn the Quantum Integration Plan: come home with a new tool belt that allows you to infuse your every-day life with the Mystical Teachings
  • How you open Value Level 7 platform thinking, and neurology; make new behavioral choices, learn to hold paradox without strain, create a win-win in every area of your world
  • Exclusive; small groups, high end experiences, and access to Dr. Kim Redman’s 28 years of Mystery School experiences and teachings with the Ancient Wisdoms
  • An adventure, in a safe and supported environment
  • Where you now believe that the technologies of magic are REAL

Who Gets to Come?

All requests will be considered, however it is important to note that due to the highly exclusive nature of the program experiences, is by invitation only. Candidates must be approved in a personal interview with Dr. Kim Redman. Program Fee: $15,000 CDN + HST all inclusive; All inclusive is defined as up to $1000 towards airfare, transportation from the airport to the hotel, and to all Sedona program experiences, transportation from the hotel back to the hotel, all offsite program excursions and fees associated with those experiences, morning yoga, morning coffee and tea bar, afternoon wine tasting, welcome package and gifts, private readings and assessments with Kim, and the Go Quantum™ Program. Please note: After speaking with our candidates and their varied dietary needs, we have agreed to support our attendees by allowing them to meet their own dietary needs as they feel best. Therefore, meals are not included in the package